New on 500px : Under the Oak Tree by scottsmorra by scottsmorra

Sunrise light and spring wildflowers (Arrowleaf Balsamroot and Lupine) in the Columbia Hills of Washington. The waning gibbous moon is also visible above the tree. The wildflowers and sunrise light were incredible yesterday morning. It was a fun morning of shooting with some of the best photographers in the Pacific Northwest (Jeremy Cram, Alan Howe, Michael Bollino, Christina Angquico, Scott Miller, Alex Noriega, Paul Bowman, TJ Thorne). I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s images from the trip. It was a great morning to be out in the hills, because there was almost no wind….and no ticks! Strong winds are quite common in the Columbia Hills and can make photography a nightmare. The lack of wind yesterday made capturing and processing this image a breeze (pun intended)! Thank you for all of the comments. I really appreciate it. Visit My Website/Blog Follow me on Google+ Follow me on Twitter
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