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Should be viewed on black..really I kept returning to this spot for a few days in a row. The conditions in the river itself was absolutely perfect; nice waterflow, icicles hanging from the snowy edges. It was just perfect, but…. The light wasnt how i wanted it to be. I needed the sun to set just a little bit to the right of the mountain, so i had to wait for a few days until it finally aligned the way i had visualized it. And on top of that i had perfect skies and just all over great light. Im standing mid-river here. My lens is really close to the water and the icicles and there was spray constantly being throwed onto the 145mm polarizer. It is just one gigantic piece of spraycatcher… So i spent half my time wiping the lens clean and trying to get a decent and unsprayed exposure. Not to mention that the water was bloody cold! Some of you probably know that i run a few workshops together with my good friend and lord of awesome Stian klo. The tours are fillling up now so if you want to join us and have some fun in locations that pretty much will blow your need to hurry. Check out for additional information, itineraries and more pictures. The current dates are as follows. 13.07.2014 – 20.07.2014 – Summer Adventure 27.07.2014 – 31.07.2014 – Mountain Fellowship Tour 14.09.2014 – 22.09.2014 – Ultimate Lofoten Experience 01.02.2015 – 08.02.2015 – Stetind & Lofoten Adventure We have just created a Facebook Page for our tourcompany – would appreciate it if you’d stop by -> Facebook: Circle me on Google+:
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