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New on 500px : The Path by jaman by jaman

Beautiful mountains from a far, on my way back home.
Crossing the highland in a raging storm, fearless knowing not alone.
Destination home.
Leading the way, through the path of life, Captain of the guards.
Resting in the arms of my beautiful wife.
Glad to be life.

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New on 500px : Crossing Tugs by Frank_Moeller by Frank_Moeller

Thanks for visiting, a photo from Ilo, Peru. Camilla Maersk is discharging while in an Octopus Mooring.

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New on 500px : High Camp by JeremyDuncan by JeremyDuncan

Re-edit of an earlier image I thought looked a little flat.

Jagged peaks reflect in one of the Tank Lakes during sunset in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington. Not the easiest place to get into but well worth the effort. The stars up here were incredible that night, so much so that I forgot to take any pictures of them and just sat on a granite slab staring face to face with the Milky Way for a good couple hours. Sometimes its well worth it to not take any pictures and just take your surroundings in.

This is a single exposure using a Lee 3 stop soft ND grad filter and a CP.

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New on 500px : Red Sunrise by GreggB by GreggB

Here is another shot I took near El Chalteni n Patagonia, Argentina.
It shows the famous Fitz Roy mountain very early in the morning at sunrise. The sun illuminates the peaks of the mountains dark red but after a few minutes the whole mountain rage becomes reddish. It’s a very beautiful event.
Just so you all know the canyon with the river below is about 700 feet (350m) deep.

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