New on 500px : BrooklynNights by anthonyajf by anthonyajf

This Is From A week Or So A go When I Went To Brooklyn And Took A Few Shots From The Brooklyn Side Most Of the Photos I Took Were A Waste Of Time Because For Some Odd Reason I was Shooting On ISO 1600 The whole day And The Noise In The Pictures Made Them Un Useable What A Shame Because Thats The day I Went To A Few Places, I Started Off Going To Central Park 1rst Then Went To Chelsea Pier Then Start Over To Brooklyn, When I Took the train On My way Over I wanted To See Some Of My Images That I Had Took From Earlier That Day And That’s When i Noticed, I Was On ISO 1600 SMH Needless To Say I Wanted To kick Myself and Just Go Home But I was Like Might As Well finish What I Had set Out To Do, So I Set My ISO Back to 100 And Grab A Few Shots I Could Use So At Least The Whole Day Was Not A Waste, Lesson Learned Always Check My settings Before Shooting Well I Hope You Like This One Thank You For UR V/F Comments And Shares…. On that Note Good Night 500fam
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