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I definitely stepped 1000 miles out of my comfort zone with this shot. Not because I was that far away from home, but because of how rushed I was when I captured it, and due to it not having colour! Justin Grimm Photography Buy a Print Typically for me to be happy with an image, I need to spend a good amount of time in an area scouting and figuring out my favourite comps. Then I’ll usually post up and wait for something exciting and colourful to happen, then run between my spots… Uneventful for the most part, but I have learned that photography is a waiting game if you want something worthwhile. In any case, after shooting sunrise at a wave formation nearby, my friends and I got to talking about all the little black marbles of stone on the ground here. Having never visited the SW before I had no idea they would be everywhere we went. As I looked at some of them, wondering how many I could fit in my baggage without airport security taking them from me, the sun peaked through the clouds and started to light up this circular patch of swirls. In less then 1 minute, I grabbed my packed up camera, put together a decent comp, rattled off some shots, and the sun dipped behind the ever prevalent mid-morning haze before I could even shoot my typical f8 focus stack. I made a conscious effort to study what the light was doing just above the horizon for the rest of the trip because of this shot, so get used to seeing direct lighting in my images! At least for now, until I get more atomic colour. ….Oh wait, we did get atomic colour a day later. Well, never mind then! Thanks for looking and following.
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