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Mirror || Bled Slovenia Preparations for this trip started 2 months ago, starting with the locations ill visit, looking for the weather, trying to find accommodation, selling some prints, and much more… After deciding what cities we will visit I needed to find some popular locations and monuments that depict these regions in the best possible way. The first stop was in this small alpine town called Bled, located close to the small glacial lake is a very popular locations for visitors, besides all this mentioned this town is popular because of the small island found in the middle of the lake. This is the frontal view of the island and it looks great together with the mountain range in the background… I shot this image early in the morning (around 6am), while being disappointed by the cloudy and dark weather I was shooting, I just paused and waited there for maybe 20 minutes and thinking of how this shot would look like if I had a better sky and that’s when the light rain began. I was extremely excited knowing that the sky might clear out a bit and I just removed the camera from the tripod and waited for the weather to get better… After a while the colors began to show, and I did start shooting immediately, not living any space to miss a beautiful moment, and I guess that moment is now in front of you. This here is the best light I could shoot that morning, and I am really happy with the image. Speaking of the image itself, I did shoot 5 shots starting with -2 ev up to +2ev, then I manually blended each shot in PS and with the help of various methods I did achieve to get detail from every part of the image and enhance the color showing how I saw it exactly that day. With just a touch of Viveza2 and Color Efex Pro4 I managed to further enrich this image to please my perception of this beautiful location. With the help of Topaz DeNoise I was able to remove some noise from the darkest part of the image and giving me a better result. Shqip: Pregaditjet per kete udhtim kan fillu pikerisht para 2 muaj, duke kerkuar lokacione qe do te vizitioj, perndjekur parashikimin e motit, kerkimi per akomodim me te rahatshem, shitjen e disa fotografive te meparshme dhe shum me teper. Pasi gjithcka u vendos fillova me kerku per lokacionet dhe monumentet te cilat me se miri e paraqesin bukurin e regjionit te cilit jam duke e vizituar. Ndalesa e par ishte ne nje qytetz te vogel malore e ashtuquajtur Bled, e cila ndodhet afer nje liqeni akullnajor dhe esht nje vend shum I njoftun per vizitor prej shum shteteve, pertej gjitha ketyre bukurive cka e ben me te famshem ket vend esht edhe ishulli I vogel I cili ndodhen ne mesin e ketij liqeni. Kjo esht pamja ballore e ishullit, ne prapavi duket poashtu edhe vargu I maleve. Kete fotografi e kam ber heret ne mengjes reth ores 6, dhe ashtu I zhengjyer nga koha e keqe dhe e zymt kam menduar per 20 minuta se si kjo foto do tishte shum e mir po te kasha nje qiell me ngjyra pak me te ngrohta, dhe pikerisht ather shiu filloj… Isha teper ne qef duke ditur se qielli mund te pastrohet dhe shpejt largova aparatin prej trekembeshit (Tripod) dhe prisja qe te permirsohet koha. Dhe pas pak ngjyrat e ngrohta te diellit filluan te duken ne qiell. Un fillova meniher te fotografoj pa ndal duke mos len asni hapsir per te humbur nje moment te bukur, dhe aj moment esht pikerisht ky qe po e shikoni para jush. Ketu kam kap ndriqimin me te mir at mengjes, dhe jam shum i lumtur me rezultatin. Duke folur per realizimin e fotografis, kam ber 5 fotografi duke filluar me -2EV dhe deri tek +2EV, te cilat manualisht i kam bashkuar ne Photoshop dhe me metoda tjera te ndryshme jam munduar te arij detal ne cdo pjes te fotografis poashtu dhe ti pershas ngjyrat me ato te realet siq un i kam par at dit. Poashtu me 2 programe shtes te photoshopit Viveza2 dhe Color efex pro4 kam arit qe me tutje te pasuroj kete fotografi per te me permbush kuptimin e ktij lokacioni. Per te larguar Nosie nga fotografia kam perdor Topaz DeNoise2 qe te me jep nje rezultat pak me te paster. Technical info: Camera: Nikon D800 Lens: 24-70mm f2.8 @24mm f11 Base Exposure: 0.8sec f11 iso50
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