New on 500px : Lead Us To The Stars by Shainblum by Shainblum

PLEASE VIEW THIS ON BLACK! I kind of wanted to name this “The Way To McWay MilkyWay” ;P Mc Way Falls is an incredible place located in Big Sur CA. Its always a fun adventure seeing the night sky over the dimly lit waterfall. Everyone captures the falls in a vertical position with the Milky Way overhead. I wanted to include the path as an added element to the image. As for the technicals, yes in fast this is a 2 image exposure blend. One image for the sky with a shorter exposure, then a long exposure for the foreground. I usually try to get it all in one shot, however this foreground was pitch black in the 30 second exposure. Both images were taken one after another in the same position. Contrast, color correction, noise reduction and touch ups were done to help the image aesthetically, that being said, everything you are looking at in this image is real. Visit Mc Way Falls in Big Sur CA to see this epic sight. Check out our new star tutorial site, if you would like to know how to process images like this one To see more please visit: Thanks so much for checking out the image, if you enjoy it share it around.
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