New on 500px : Sunset by markuskostet by markuskostet

A long exposure I took recently on the nothern shore of Estonia. I took this with the Olympus OM-D EM-5, I like many things about this camera very much (size, ibis, touch screen, 60 second max exporuse time without cable release), but I also wish it had really wide zoom that took filters (wider than the 9-18mm) and sometimes I see noise with it even at it’s base iso of 200.

So I’m currently trying hard to decide wether to keep it, or go to Fuji X-system (xe-2 or xt-1) and the 10-24mm lens. I also have the Nikon D600, which I also love, but it’s size and lack of tilt screen is sometimes a problem. If anybody sees this, who has experience about d600 or om-d em-5 files against Fuji files in post processing, I would like to hear it. The Fuji seem noise free at low isos, how are the raw files otherwise compared to Nikon? Dynamic range and color depth when you push them in PP..?

If you have the time, check out and follow me at my: facebook page.. thank you for your interest and voting.

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