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Last year I came home from one of my Columbia River Gorge workshops to the greatest personal loss of my entire life. Not knowing how to process the acute grief, I turned around and went back into the Gorge and stayed their in solitude for another month. During this time I often slept in the Eagle Creek area, in my vehicle and every day challenged myself to go farther and deeper into the Gorge than I ever had before (including spending nights in the forest). I have a large load of unprocessed files from that season, but I have not had the time this year to get to processing them. I am about to head off (in an hour) to a landscape summit (meet) of sorts, in the Gorge to meet up with about 25-35 of some of my favorite photographers of all time (a handful from FM will be there too). A lot of them newer blood, infiltrating our ranks with fresh, inspiring, and very creative work. I cant wait to meet them all! So, before I take off I just wanted to at least get one Gorge shot in.

This is a less commonly photographed waterfall up Moffett Creek. I was very inspired, refreshed and in some ways restored by going to some new places. There is nothing quite like hiking way in to a new place and being the only one there all day. Sometimes I would just sit and look and rest for hours not taking a single shot.

I hope you enjoy.

*Please feel free to give me suggestions, critique and or feedback. I genuinely love to keep learning. Also, the image is best viewed on a calibrated desktop monitor on Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Thank you for looking.

I will be on the road the next two days, so SORRY if my responses are delayed!

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