New on 500px : Broken Arms by RyanDyar by RyanDyar

This was a tough shot to pull off… both with composition and processing. It’s a fairly extensive perspective blend that I had to utilize to get all the elements shaped up properly with the frame while overcoming the limitations of the natural elements and my own lens. It was all focus blended, blended for dynamic range, hand-stitched from different focal lengths, and then warped to get everything looking ship-shape again. After all of that it was pretty straight forward processing for me. Some texture work, some luminosity masking to get the tones proper across the board, and a bunch of dodging/burning (some of which is covered in my latest video tutorial).

I’m currently working on my next video tutorial which will cover many of these perspective blend, warping, stitching techniques I use. It’s pretty labor intensive work to put these together, but isn’t necessarily *hard* to pull off.

As always, check out my site for more images, info about processing instruction, in-field workshops, prints, and yadd yadda yadda that everyone else in this community does.

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