New on 500px : One Step Past The Middle by YairKorin by YairKorin

I remember being obsessed with bridges since I was a little kid. Maybe it was because my mother is an architect and my father an engineer. But during my last trip it was different. I stood hours and hours by myself just staring at bridges. Watching cars come and go. People attempts to cross it just to realize it was a long trip to the other side and deciding to turn back right in the middle.
Now, months later, looking at the photos I took of bridges -my obsession with them- and seeing how my life is unfolding I realize that all those hours just staring at them might have been more than just a way to spend an afternoon in the city. Depending on how you see them, bridges can have meanings. At least they do for me.

On one particular day while I was walking the bridge myself I remember witnessing a situation which left me thinking for a while. I was at the exact middle of the Golden Gate Bridge. You know when you get there because many start turning around.
Right there a young couple started arguing. Going back or keep walking was the topic. She wanted to keep going; he wanted to head back. After a few minutes of arguing without a deal she decided to cross that invisible line dividing one half of the bridge with the other. That single tiny step meant a lot. The discussion was immediately over and he joined her in crossing the other half together.

Since I came back home I was confronted with some important decisions in my own life. To cross or not to cross my own “bridges”.

Looks like I too decided to move one step past the middle for the first time. Lets see what awaits me on the other side 😉

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