New on 500px : Trying to get away by BenCoffman by BenCoffman

I spent a little time in the Alvord Desert over the holiday weekend. It feels like I got enough compositional variety and different light to post 2 photos a month for the next year. The place is just a photographic bonanza.

A side note: My kids totally scouted out this composition for me while I sat back at camp.

Another side note: There was actually kind of a sundog going on during this photo, but I shot so wide (and it was so cloudy) that it’s hard to see. If you look carefully on the left-center horizon (22 degrees away from the sun), you can kind of see the left patch of light. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to better draw it out in other photos…. (Edit: Yeah, there’s no way to see that on this tiny photo–sorry about that.)

Last side note: I was enjoying a lovely bowl of Pasta Roni when those crepuscular rays hit the playa, and I nearly dropped it in the mad scramble to get this shot.

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