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Obligatory: Best viewed on black.

Another image from my nearly week-long trek along Eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington. This is Palouse falls in some desert canyon area.

I had the tripod on the edge of a cliff. For those who’ve shot here, you know someone could easily give you a little nudge, that’s all it would take, and you would be over the edge. And that would be all she wrote. So there’s a pretty clear danger of falling, when you set your tripod up on the edge of a cliff anyway.

I had this lady by me that didn’t really understand the idea of a personal bubble. She kept creeping closer and closer. Soon, her tripod leg was all the way under my tripod. I couldn’t even maneuver around my camera. I’m like, “lady, I don’t want to accidentally kick your tripod over that 100 foot cliff.” Even though, I secretly did.

A group of photographers were shooting this fall well before sunset. But as soon as the sun set, they decided, because there was no color at sunset, they would give up. Just because the sun has set, doesn’t mean the chance for color is gone! Probably half or more missed these great pinks that moved in for only couple minutes. Patience, people!

This is a blend of exposures and a stitch to show off that lovely sky.

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