New on 500px : Horseshoe Glitter by JustinGrimm by JustinGrimm

Feel free to follow, as this is the first of many images that will be added into a brand new portfolio of mine called “For the Bright”! I love the drama and excitement of an epic sunset or moody twilight image, but recently I have been focusing on shooting while the sun is casting beautiful light over a scene. Taking time to study how the light can create more interesting compositions and depth to an image is something I want to strive for in the future.

I have seen countless shots of this bend, but very few have an effective foreground that compliments the horseshoe shape of this awesome place (I dare you to find one!). Utilizing focus blending, I aligned a rock no more then 8 inches from my lens to complete the curve formed by the right cliff face 1000 feet below. I waited till the sun dropped enough to only light up the areas I wanted, and I love the natural bright frame it provided me with.

As for the image title, the glitter comes from all the tiny fruit flies in front of the lens being lit up by the sun. The full res file shows them all, plus you can easily make out boats and individual people at the bottom of the canyon. I can wait to print this for my upcoming art display!

Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoy a more cheerful image this time around 🙂

via 500px

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