New on 500px : Now Comes Spring by Sean_Bagshaw by Sean_Bagshaw

In May I visited a stunning lupine meadow in the coast range of northern California with David M. Cobb. Shooting right into the setting sun provided just the right kind of back lighting for the flowers to appear lit by an internal power source. I was extremely fortunate to have perfect light and perfect timing for the bloom, which is only at its peak for about a week. I spent an evening and a morning here. It was a wonderful experience. I hope you enjoy the image. View on black!

This was a very challenging image to develop. Seven different exposures were blended for dynamic range and depth of field. I then made heavy use of Tony Kuyper’s new actions panel to gradually build in adjustments using just about every luminosity masking technique I know. The new Zone Masks section was particularly helpful. More information can be found here.

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