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The milky way is a beautiful in so many ways. To view with the naked eye in a dark sky location it gives you so many stars to see but capturing it with your camera you can pick up those lost colours from our visible spectrum. Now with photography being an art you can change this balance of colours to give a new light to milky way. I love standing out under the night sky and viewing the “haze” of stars and other deep space objects that are above. Letting your eyes adjust to what is out there can make it so much more enjoyable too. Every night while out I figure I see at least one shooting star and get to gaze on the galaxies far beyond. Nothing else compares to the vastness and the life of the night. Animal calls, the mist, reflections and the stars all come together to make for that perfect night. Oh, and a night without bugs bites is even better! LOL 😀 Thanks for viewing and feel free to share. If you would like to see more night skies, wildlife and landscapes from Ontario, Canada feel free to add me to.

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