New on 500px : Golden Gate Bridge Through Cypress Trees by in2photos by in2photos

Golden Gate Bridge Through Cypress Trees
*What Genre is this Anyway?*

Mostly I take landscape photos. Being outside in nature with critters, clouds, and mountains is sort of my happy place. Yesterday I drove into the city for a day of photography and got this shot of the Golden Gate Bridge peeking through some cypress trees. After uploading it to G+ I was going to post it into a couple of “Landscape photography” communities but I suddenly stopped because I’m not sure you would consider this a landscape. Doesn’t a landscape have a horizon and other criteria this shot doesn’t? It’s not that I’m attached to having to put some label on every photograph, my mind is just toying with me this morning I guess.

*This HDR Photo*

3 shot bracket (-2, 0, +2) on a tripod. Processed in LIghtroom and Topaz ReStyle.

#sanfranciscophotography #goldengatebridge #perfecthdrworkflow #hdrphotography #topazlabs

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