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New Zealand

Last year, Marianne and I witnessed some of the most amazing light during our trip from Kaikoura. This was one of the more subdued experiences on the last morning prior to our departure back to home. Since I had to wade 20m out to this tree, I more or less spent the whole morning in the water on or around the log finding compositions to shoot. Interestingly, as the morning grew later, I saw another couple arrive at the shore photographing various other spots from the shore before they spotted me out in the water and then started photographing the tree as well (with me photobombing!). This was a morning where I didn’t really chase light , but like the couple on the shore, there are mornings when I do go into ‘headless chook’ mode running around trying to improvise to suit the light. It’s an age old internal debate – stick with composition or chase light?

We are in the process of finally planning another holiday for October ! Hopefully #2 at 6 months will be able to handle some photographic shoots from our back 🙂

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