New on 500px : Silver Sea by khoitran by khoitran

The beach of Ha Tinh city 20 km to the southeast, along the National Highway 1A, is bringing the beach looks pristine.
Coastline is spectacular Thien Cam mountain, the mountain is the first goal, which left the footprints of giants in the rock over millions of years is now clear.
There are small islands En Hon, Hon Roundups beautiful coast.
Yen Lac Pagoda built in the 13th century near the beaches, temples, paintings of “Cross Electrical Pluto famous” (live on earth and hell punishment)
On Thien Cam mountain Cam Son temple has been built before the 13th century, the temple known as the father Ho Quy Ly, now also worship the Buddha and the temple is named Cam Son. The high mountains 108 meters above sea level, the mountain stands could see the whole beach and nearby islands.
Thien Cam beach as bow or just holding the guitar, there are 3 beaches, 3 km long beautiful beach, another beach about 10 km long, sandy beach at uneven sloping flat, clear blue sea color jade, can look to the bottom, sloping beach, bathing can be more than 100 m away from the shore, sea water salinity is high.

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