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New on 500px : Cold Mt. Waters by gregityrx1 by gregityrx1

This is Sahalie waterfall a 100 ft waterfall on the McKenzie River in Oregon. It is a pounding and one of the more intense waterfalls that you will ever see. This also makes it very difficult to photograph if nothing else because of the intense spray coming from the movement of the frigid turquoise water. But with the help of an umbrella I conquered the spray.

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New on 500px : World’s biggest cave by john13 by john13

Megan gazes up to a sky hole in Hang Son Doong, Vietnam. The opening is more than 100 meters higher than the unique spiral stalagmite she is standing on. The cave walls here are sheer cliffs and there is no way out. The light and rain entering the hole in the cave ceiling fosters growth of low-light plants, ferns and moss.

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New on 500px : Noctambulism by miketaylorphoto by miketaylorphoto

An incredible amount of green and a bit of maroon colored airglow are prominent in this 16 image night sky panorama which features the full Milky Way arc and covers 240 degrees of view from North (left) to South (right). I centered this image around one of the iconic gnarly trees that clings to the top of the canyon wall at Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah. The bright light on the horizon to the left of the tree is light pollution coming from the town of Moab. This image was stitched via PTGui and processed through Lightroom 5 (twice, once for the foreground and once for the sky) and Photoshop CS5.

Noctambulism is another word for sleepwalking.

Nikon D600 & 14-24 @ 14mm
f/2.8 – 16 x 30 secs – ISO 4000 – WB Kelvin 3570
06/04/14 – 1:20AM

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© Mike Taylor – Taylor Photography

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New on 500px : Country Road by Nourbese by Nourbese

Sometimes you gotta go beyond the pavement.

Have a great week everyone!

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