New on 500px : Hardanger-Norway by IfengSaelueang by IfengSaelueang

This is a water in hardanger, near “odda” in the background in the mountain you can see a ice glacier (3rd largest in norway, “Folgefonna”). If i had the equipment to climb it, i would have done it. But i did actually climb up too it and touched it.
I would not recommend to anyone but really experienced hikers/climbers to take the whole trip up to it. Its 2 hours climbing from the bottom where people usually stop too look at the view. And before that is 4 hours hiking from the parking lot.
In the middle of those 4 hours, this lake appears. It was used for ice transportation in the old days…. It didnt work. so the business closed pretty soon after they failed.

I slept out 2 nights for this shot, as i dont have a license to car yet. Bus, bicyle and hiking and sleeping in tents is my only options to get around to these places:) so I hope you like the photo. I really struggled to get it:)

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