New on 500px : Solapa sunset by carloscuk by carloscuk

Maybe you think that the bad days and not hooded will give you opportunities to achieve a great sunset view, but often the knowledge of the place and a little hope can bring you surprises like we had this evening, one overcast afternoon and paints raining in the July at Fuerteventura, something really unusual, but we were visiting the island Lujó friend and wife we decided to try their luck, and road looked a little window on the horizon and John and savvy island intuit that if he opened up to the horizon would pretty colors, then after a while on the beach fully enclosed sky and even raining finally just at sunset a window on the horizon we made opened to look a beautiful sunset, so I conclude that you will never have to discard anything over time as this is unpredictable and it is important to try and be there as it sounds the flute.

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