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New on 500px : Sunset: Arise by All4Nature by All4Nature

Welcome back to Sunsets,
This sunset from last year had some interesting cloud formations which reflected the light even after the sun had already gone down. The same color was reflected in the water.
I loved the colors that the evening presented us with. I had tried to process this image quite a few times in the past but was never happy with the results. This time around I think I could convey the mood of that evening.
Enjoy the light.

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New on 500px : Autumn: Heavenly by All4Nature by All4Nature

Hello Friends,
been busy the last few days. Presenting another autumn color feast from Adelaide before the colors die and the winter set in.
Taken while walking outside the Botanical gardens. The road is beautiful and it took me 4 visits to find a time when no one was around for a clear shot.
Saturation and glow added to give it the heavenly feel.
Let me know how it looks.
Love the Light.

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New on 500px : Poise: Autumn by All4Nature by All4Nature

Welcome back to the Autumn Mania,(Only in Black) The riot of colors in Adelaide continues and before we lose all the color, lets enjoy the beautiful scenery around us. The colors were definitely beautiful and the Light, well I cant complain. The center green portion looked to be so well balanced between the Autumn colors. Love the Light.
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New on 500px : Divinity: Autumn by All4Nature by All4Nature

Hello Friends, Presenting one from todays outing. The weather here has been playing up for the last few days with rains, rains and rains. Took the opportunity today morning to capture the colors before winter sets in. (Glows in Black). Remembered my friend Ole during this shoot as my CPL got stuck to the step-up ring and hence could not use it for the whole shoot with my 77mm lenses, it all happen when we go out shooting. The light was beautiful though. Enjoy the Light.
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