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New on 500px : Lake Phewa by elkynz by elkynz

Rain had just stopped and the day was still a bit downcast. Little wooden boats were left idling in the Lake Phewa, as customers did not wish to go out to the lake during wet weather.

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New on 500px : Milford Sound Sunset by dinobramanto by dinobramanto

We went to the location around 4 PM in the afternoon when the rain was still quiet heavy and then headed back to our camp around 5.30 as we felt we could not see any possibility the sun would came out.

In the middle of the way to the car, we saw the rain stop and all of the sudden we saw orange and red colour at the back of the mountains, so we rushed back to the original location and start shooting….as we only had like 10 minutes window time to see the sun and red colour on top of the mountain before it really get dark.

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New on 500px : Nightfall at Hallstatt by baddoguy by baddoguy

Nightfall at Hallstatt, Austria. (August 2013)

I had arrived at Hallstatt in the afternoon rain but after finished my dinner the rain stopped and Hallstatt gradually revealed its beauty to my eyes.

*** I am not sure why the photo quality drop after uploading?

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New on 500px : Sunrise in Sarankot by elkynz by elkynz

We went up the mountain in Sarankot of Nepal for the sunrise but unfortunately it was raining by that time. We waited for an hour in the cold until rain stopped for a brief moment. Some red clouds appeared in the clouds beyond, but after all, no sun.

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