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New on 500px : Ice Palace by terenceleezy by terenceleezy

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Since it’s smoking 99F hot in Portland right now.. Here’s a cool picture to quench the heat.

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New on 500px : The Man and the Glacier by vathsok by vathsok

10 days in Alaska is done and now on the way back home. The first two days here I’ve found Alaska is very boring but the next day after the next day I started to realize how beautiful Alaska is and how fortunate I am getting a chance to see a different side of the world. Now what I have left is the unforgettable memory and experience, specially many Gigabytes of pictures that I will share with you later. Time went out fast and I have to get back to work on Monday.

Bye bye Alaska, hope to see you again!!!!

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New on 500px : Archangel Valley by BananTarr by BananTarr

In Archangel Valley and the sun pours over a distant ridge as a glacial creek as clear as crystal flows by me.

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New on 500px : Deep Blue Ice by piriya by piriya

An ice cave underneath Mendenhall Glacier

Juneau, AK

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New on 500px : Ice Explorer by piriya by piriya

there is a big hole inside an ice cave at Mendenhall Glacier. Due to melting water dropping was so much like raining.

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