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New on 500px : Twin Candles by alexnoriega by alexnoriega

Looks best on black.

Striking formations rise from the grasslands of South Dakota’s Badlands National Park, catching dramatic sunrise light. This is an image from January 2013, shot on a trip back to the Midwest.

There’s not much to work with here if you want this specific perspective, where these formations take on a stoic twin-peaks shape – so I settled on the leading curve offered by this ridge. Full snow cover or wildflowers would be ideal, but both are rare and fleeting, and I never find myself voluntarily in South Dakota. If I did, it’d be for this place alone.

Anyway, did you guys know the red candle can be used multiple times on the same screen? This makes it ideal for finding burnable bushes that are a secret to everybody. It’s also a formidable weapon against slow-moving foes, such as mummies.
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New on 500px : Imminent Connection by alexnoriega by alexnoriega

Stars fade before sunrise at Rialto Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington. Looks best on black.

You never know when you’re on the cusp of something great.
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New on 500px : KASFJORD CITY by johnnymyrenghenriksen by johnnymyrenghenriksen

Hi guys 🙂
I give you my fave picture so far this year 🙂
Posted this earlier this evening but i had to fix so sorry for the repost 🙂
The moment was incredible and i am so glad came upon such a scene 🙂

And i wanna give a big thank you to Mr Alex Noriega for the wonderful and extremely learnfull workshop via skype! fantastic workshop and you can book session on skype with him, i highly recomend it 🙂

Johnny 🙂

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New on 500px : Copper Top by alexnoriega by alexnoriega

10,497-foot Mount Jefferson bathes in golden sunset light, above shaded wildflower meadows. Thanks for the title, J-Swan!

I have a ton of new half-finished flower, forest, and coastal images sitting around from the past couple months; yet I find myself longing for my favorite subject: mountains. Thus, here’s an image from last year that I inexplicably overlooked.

While I’ve got your attention: perhaps you’re interested in joining Alex Mody and myself for an awesome four-day workshop at Olympic National Park this September? We will photograph rugged seascapes, autumn in the rainforest, waterfalls, and if weather permits, autumn alpine scenes up on Hurricane Ridge. You can find more information HERE.

As you may already know, I also teach my post-processing workflow and techniques in private online sessions. If you like the way my images look, and would like to up your PP game, you can find more info HERE.

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New on 500px : The Strange by alexnoriega by alexnoriega

*WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT* Join Alex Mody and I for an awesome four days in Olympic National Park, this September 25-28. We will photograph rugged seascapes, autumn in the rainforest, waterfalls, and if weather permits, autumn alpine scenes up on Hurricane Ridge. For more information or to register, click HERE.

This one NEEDS to be viewed on black, not due to darkness, but to eliminate distractions since it’s fairly complex.

This image is from the Hoh Rainforest a few weeks ago. Since I went about a month earlier this year than last, my images were completely different. Didn’t really shoot any dramatic, striking stuff in the forest like last year, but rather more intimate scenes like this, which I don’t expect to be as popular over here on 500px.

These spring vine maple leaves, and the way they seemed to glow against their less-saturated surroundings, commanded most of my attention. Their prominence made it even harder to simplify an already complex subject such as the rainforest, but I liked how they looked as though they were an explosion of green frozen in motion. I would also typically seek to exclude elements like the dead ferns below, but I thought the springing of new life here worked well as a contrast. I shot this with dappled light as well, but soft light ended up working best, because direct light added unnecessary complexity to the scene.

Three exposures for depth of field here. I was able to use very long exposures at ISO 50, due to the perfectly still nature of this morning, and the inherently low dynamic range of the scene.

If you like the way my images look, you may also be interested in the fact that I teach my processing workflow over Skype! More information here.

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New on 500px : Darkroot Grotto by alexnoriega by alexnoriega

Diffused light filters in over a downright enchanting waterfall, situated deep in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge.

This year is the year I’m finally getting some good forest shooting in – green has been conspicuously absent from my portfolio for too long. This spot’s been done before, but it’s still a damn special place. Thanks Teedge and Boolini for the good times en route and afterward!

Two exposures here – one ISO 100, 1s, f/16 for the base scene and water movement; one ISO 400, 1/8s, f/11 for depth of field and foliage movement.


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New on 500px : Crimson Apex by alexnoriega by alexnoriega

You may have seen this image of Mount Jefferson, Oregon before; I just realized I didn’t have it posted over here, and it’s one of my favorites from last year. Several fresh images to come from Olympic once I get around to processing them!

This was a pretty special night of some crazy-late-evening intense red light, and romping around in wildflower meadows with some pretty awesome dudes. That’s what real dudes do: frolic.

If you like how my images look, you may be interested to know that I teach my processing techniques via Skype. Check out my website if you’re interested: http://ift.tt/1k70o6M

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New on 500px : The Midas Touch by alexnoriega by alexnoriega

The day’s first light graces fresh snow at White River, below Mount Hood. This was the first image I made upon getting back to Oregon a couple months ago. I still somehow don’t own snowshoes, so I just went ahead and postholed the whole way. FYI, I teach my processing techniques, and offer prints and stuff! Check my site if that’s up your alley: http://ift.tt/YdCotQ
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New on 500px : Overgrown by alexnoriega by alexnoriega

Moss-bearded vine maples rise from a lush carpet of oxalis, under dappled afternoon light. Hoh Rainforest, Olympic NP, Washington, USA. This is a stitch of two horizontal exposures, since I couldn’t fit this composition in my 15mm-equivalent lens from the close perspective I chose. I’ve been on a green kick lately, in anticipation of a week-plus coming up in Olympic. Still working my way through files from only 4 days there last year, so I’m pretty stoked to see what I can do in double that time. Should give me plenty of time to come up with ways to work “Hoh” into Dr. Dre lyrics (I found me a Hoh that I like / but I can’t make a Hoh a housewife). I teach my processing techniques, and offer prints and junk. Peep my site if that tickles your fancy! http://ift.tt/YdCotQ
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New on 500px : Real Creeks Have Curves by alexnoriega by alexnoriega

Light filters through the canopy of Gorton Creek during a break in the rain, in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge. Met up with some dope dawgs (Bollino, Mody, Rossbach, and Van Breugel) and had a chill Sunday of huevos rancheros, naps, and green shooting. Sorry for the re-upload here, my contacts were messed up last night and I was squinting through calcium deposits (maybe I should stop wearing my weeklies for 3 months) – didn’t see some clarity/sharpening/diffusion issues with the original. FYI, I teach my processing workflow over Skype! If you like the way my images look and would like to learn my techniques, please visit my website for more information: http://ift.tt/1k70o6M
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