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New on 500px : A Kiss by Bates8Mary by Bates8Mary

A kiss of alpenglow on the South Sister, one of the Three Sisters, as seen from Sparks Lake. Outside of Bend, OR.

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New on 500px : The Torch by hauken87 by hauken87

Sunset light hits the impressive 1500 metres tall peaks in “Litjdalen” (translated into english “Little Valley”) in Sunndal. Had to take multiple exposures the get enough DOF as the flowers are very close to the lens.

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New on 500px : Essence of Lofoten by FelixInden by FelixInden

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Panorama taken on an evening to remember on Austvagoy, the main island of Lofoten islands in arctic Norway.
My main camera was pointed in the opposite direction shooting against the backlight, while behind me this alpenglow appeared on the prominent mountainrange that lays around Austnesfjord.

As the everblowing wind stopped for some minutes a nice reflection appeared.

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New on 500px : Razorback by landESCAPEphotography by landESCAPEphotography

Sunrise over the High Sierra. I’m finally back in the mountains for the summer and couldn’t be more excited. Thanks for looking!

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New on 500px : The Wall by hauken87 by hauken87

Please view on black. Sunset light hits the 1500 metres tall peaks in the valley “Litjdalen” in Sunndal, Norway.

Three bracketed exposures manually blended in PS for dynamic range.

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New on 500px : Awakening – May 18th, 1980 by scottsmorra by scottsmorra

If you are interested in purchasing a 12×18″ signed/matted print of this image please check out —> MY BLOG . I donated 2 prints to the Art for Oso Photography Auction on Facebook (the other print is “Celestial Existence” if you are interested). All of the proceeds from the sale of the prints will be donated to the Cascade Valley Hospital Relief Fund. This fund has been set up to support those affected by the Oso, Washington Mudslide in March 2014. See the blog for more details. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Today (May 18th) marks the 34th Anniversary of the Mt St Helens eruption which forever changed the landscape around the mountain and claimed the lives of 57 people. The eruption shot ash 80,000 feet into the air and flattened 230 square miles of forest, but 34 years later, this area is undergoing a remarkable recovery. The wildflowers are now blooming every summer and small trees are starting to take root once again. All of the vegetation that is seen in this image is natural, since no replanting has occurred within the National Volcanic Monument. Experts believe that in 200-500 years, in the absence of another massive eruption, the area will return to the pre-1980 old growth forest. I doubt this view of the mountain will exist in a few hundred years, since an old growth forest would likely block the view of the mountain. When thinking about it in those terms, I guess this image is somewhat unique!

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New on 500px : The Big Three by jmdonaire by jmdonaire

Sunrise view of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, East Java, Indonesia.

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New on 500px : The Divine Lights by FrannzMorzo by FrannzMorzo

Canmore Albera | 2014

Another amazing perfective shot of Canadian rockies during our trip in Alberta.
This mountain is part of the three peaks they called it the three sisters? namely; Ship’s Prow, Ehegay Nakoda and Haling Peak . Truly a paradise to shoot landscape photography.

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