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New on 500px : The mirror of Latemar by geremettamoreno_it by geremettamoreno_it

2014 © Geremetta Moreno
Clickalps Official Photographer

The mirror of Latemar | A classic image of the Dolomites, but always endlessly fascinating. A perfect mirror. The imagination tells me that someone has purposely filled the basin with water, so that in the lake thus created, the magnificent spiers of the Latemar may reflect day after day.

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New on 500px : The Glowing Tower by TrevorAnderson by TrevorAnderson

This is an image of Mt Baring taken a few nights ago during a moment of great light.Thanks for viewing!

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New on 500px : The Larch Puzzle by TrevorAnderson by TrevorAnderson

Morning light and golden larch trees in the Enchantment Basin integrate to create a surreal viewing experience; the synchronicity of this created a fascinating mixture of contrasts and geometric design that are permanently plastered to memory. Thanks for the time in viewing!
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New on 500px : Light in Nature creates the movement of colors… by FerPecT_sHotz by FerPecT_sHotz

– Robert Delaunay. | facebook | flickr | ferpectshotz | Emerald Bay, South Lake Tahoe is one of the most famous view points along coast and is also quite easy to get to. We reached here for a sunrise shot so the weather was pretty chilly and we realized that to get the best shot we need to actually cross the stream as the clearing between the two falls provided the best view. It was a bit scary to wade through the ice cold stream wearing sandals but it was fun and we reached the clearing and from the beginning I wanted to include the tree to the left in the frame and use a more normal focal length than the usual Wide Angle, so I used Nikkor 18-35 in portrait mode at 35mm and combined 3 shots to get the view.
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