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New on 500px : Blue Terraces by Angshu by Angshu

Pamukkale is one of Turkey’s top attractions and a precious in the world with its cotton-look terraces. The underground water once gave life to the ancient city of Hierapolis now helps Pamukkale be one of the most important thermal centers of Turkey.

Shaped by the hand of nature and extant since the ancient times, Pamukkale is one of the world’s most outstanding legacies.

Located in the province of Denizli this natural wonder is comprised of terraces and travertine formed by hot springs and streams depositing carbonate minerals. Pamukkale has gained eminence for its waters believed to have curative powers and been used as a thermal bath since centuries. Noted for its extraordinary characteristics, the ancient site has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1988.

This picture was taken in the North end of Pamukkale entering from Hierapolis side. Nobody is allowed to get down to the travertine pools, but these people had a permit to film for a local TV station

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New on 500px : Barley Fields in front of Chemrey by Angshu by Angshu

Clinging like a swallow’s nest to the sides of a shay conical hill, the magnificent Gompa of Chemrey sees very few visitors because of its location – tucked up the side valley that runs from below Hemis, to the Chang-la pass into Pangong. If one isn’t having one’s own vehicle, then be prepared to do some walking to get there. It takes around fifty minutes to follow the dirt track down to the river and up to the monastery after the Leh -Thak Thok bus drops one off beside the main road.

This is the view of the Chemrey Conpa as seen from the freshly sowed barley fields.

Chemrey Monastery is a 1664 Buddhist monastery, approximately 40 kilometres (25 mi) east of Leh, Ladakh, northern India. This monastery of the Drugpa (Red Hat) sect or monastic order in located in eastern Ladakh. It dates back to the 17th century. Today, the Ladakh Chemrey Gompa houses around 20 monks of the diminishing Drugpa community, along with their young novices.

Samsara is a 2001 independent Indian/Italian/French/German film which tells the story of a Buddhist monk’s quest to find Enlightenment was shot near Chemrey.

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New on 500px : River of Green by Angshu by Angshu

Shakti Village is located in the sinuous valley, 46 Km from Leh, the capital of Ladakh, The mountians in the background are the Stok ranges of the Himalayas

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New on 500px : Pretty Şirince by Angshu by Angshu

Şirince (pronounced shirinjé) formerly Kirkince or Çirkince, is a is a cool, pine-ringed Eden of a village nestled on the hills in Central Aegean Region, Turkey. This pretty old Orthodox village, 12 km away from Ephesus and 30 km from Kusadasi, was once Cirkince (“ugly”). Indeed its habitats gave this name on purpose as they did not want to be bothered by foreigners nor to share the beauty of their village. Now its called Şirince meaning Pleasant or pretty, the name given by the Izmir governor

It is a small village which is famous for its wine and houses. Sirince was a Greek village before the Greco-Turkish War. Today the village is a perfect synthesis of Turk-Greek culture as of the 1920’s: after the Independence War, people exchange between Greek and Turks has occurred and all those typical Greek houses, though they kept their original outside characteristics, have received the local layout inside.

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New on 500px : Symmetry at Bukhara by Angshu by Angshu

Bukhara in Uzbekistan is one of the most important old cities in the old Silk Route. Older than 2000 years, the city hosts a lot of architectural beauties

The Mir-i-Arab Medressa stands opposite the Kalon Mosque in the historic center of Bukhara. Founded in the 16th century, the Islamic school features two distinctive blue domes and other tilework.

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New on 500px : Long and Enchanted Lake by Angshu by Angshu

Just about 160 km from Leh is a beautiful lake named the Pangong Tso or Lake in Ladakh. Situated at a height of about 13,900 ft, the name Pangong is a derivative of the Tibetan word Banggong Co meaning “long, narrow, enchanted lake”. One third of the lake is in India while the remaining two thirds lies in Tibet, which is controlled by China. Majority of the streams which fill the lake are located on the Tibetan side. Pangong Tso is about five hours drive from Leh in Ladakh region of Jammu & Kashmir. The route passes through beautiful Ladakh countryside, over Chang La, the third highest motorable mountain pass (5289 m) in the world.
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