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New on 500px : Temple milky way and meteor by wildlifemoments by wildlifemoments

Panoramic of the milky way arch at the Temple of Antas, Sardinia, with a meteor. 12 shots.

The Temple of Antas is an ancient Carthaginian-Roman temple in the commune of Fluminimaggiore, southern Sardinia, Italy. It is located in an area colonised by the Carthaginians and then by the Romans, attracted by its iron and lead deposits.

It consists of a Roman temple, under whose steps are the remains of the Carthaginian one, which was dedicated to the god Sid Addir, a later incarnation of the local god Sardus Pater Babai, the main male divinity of the Nuragic civilization.

via 500px http://ift.tt/1nOq3CY

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