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New on 500px : Tension by HougaardMalan by HougaardMalan

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For a photographer in Namibia, there’s nothing more exciting than the tension of an approaching thunderstorm and the photographic potential it brings with it.

D800e, 14-24mm

Spitzkoppe, Erongo, Namibia

This image is the intellectual property of Hougaard Malan. It may not be used in any way without the author’s written consent.

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New on 500px : Granite Eye by RyanDyar by RyanDyar

It’s dark on purpose, intended to be viewed on black.

This is a shot I’ve been hoping to nail down for about 5 years now, after discovering this comp on a solo trip trough the Eastern Sierras. I’ve gotten some great light here over the years, but have never quite managed to come up with a shot that did this place any justice. I think I finally have come up with a rendition that truly does this spot justice… putting much emphasis on the arch and massive pillars of granite.

To dial this one in it was an exposure blend and focus blend. I did a bit of texture work to get all the detail to pop, but in a non-overdone way that is a bit more palatable. I also did quite a bit of work with levels through some luminosity masks to dial in the overall feel to the light balance. Some dodging and burning to add some emphasis here and there to light, shadow, and color. Varied white balance adjustments to add a little depth. Some warping to fine tune the composition And uh… some other stuff I’m sure, but I forget.

Anyways, I recently released a tutorial video that covers some of the techniques I use in my processing. I also lead in-field workshops, teach processing online via Skype screen sharing, and blah blah blah.

Also, I’m happy to announce that I will be co-leading a tour in March with my friend Arild Heitmann! 10 epic days of chasing light across Norway. Mountains, beaches, beaches with mountains, Aurora, long arctic sunrises and sunsets. It’s destined to be the trip of lifetime!

You can check it all out at Ryan Dyar Photography.

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New on 500px : through by TedGore by TedGore

This looks terrible on white. Please view on black! FOR THE CHILDREN!

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Cliff Island, Corona Del Mar

Headed out here on superbowl sunday. Parked in the neighborhood above this shoreline, and entered this area through a gap in the fence around the private golf course. After I finished shooting, I walked up to the cliff along the shore to pee, and as I’m peeing I notice up on the cliff, a guard standing there looking at me in disapproval. I was on private land. Technically, cliff island is not private land, but this guy wanted me to know I was trespassing. He threatened to have me arrested. I Think he was just pissed he had to work on super bowl sunday. Poor guy.

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New on 500px : Sunset under The North Window by DavidSoldano by DavidSoldano

Incredible sunset shot from under the North Window arch in Arches National Park, Utah.

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