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New on 500px : Arrakis by csillerud by csillerud

60 mph winds scraped the land and ripped red dust into the sky. My teeth were covered, my eyes, shut to slivers, screamed from the grit. After ascending the rise, a blood sun sent his minions at me, but I was sheltered by the Totem.

I think that is how Paul Atreides felt during his exile to the desert.

The story is here: http://ift.tt/1n8yxbS

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New on 500px : Havasu Falls by npolta by npolta

Havasu Falls is perhaps the most iconic waterfall of Havasu Creek, located in the Havasupai Indian Reservation, Grand Canyon, Arizona.

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New on 500px : Spectrum by whuang by whuang

Ranking among my top subjects to photograph, slot canyons possess an unrivaled artistic beauty. This photo is one of favorite southwest scenes of all time. When captured at the right time, these pillared Navajo sandstone walls catch the reflected light and begin to display and ethereal glow. Sporting striations, this slot somewhat resembles Zebra slots but this has its own unique aspects of a lengthy hallway appearance lined with pillared walls. It was definitely some of the best adventure and the most fun I have enjoyed exploring one of mother nature’s finest creations.

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New on 500px : Upper Navajo Falls by dswindler by dswindler

During the big flood of 2008, several new waterfalls were formed as the power of nature forged a new path for Havasu Creek. This is the first of the new waterfalls called Upper Navajo Falls. Although the Havasupai area isn’t back to its former glory prior to 2008, its nice to see that nature is slowly rebuilding. This shot is a manual blend of 3 different exposures. I used a 10-stop ND filter to smooth out the water and help enhance the reflected glow.

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New on 500px : .::Summer Fire::. by BryceKeen by BryceKeen

Here is a long exposure shot of an amazing sunset that at Lake Havasu, Arizona that I took this past weekend. The colors were amazing and the clouds had the right movement for the perfect long exposure feel to the sky and water. This is one of my favorite location on the lake because there are good foreground rocks, the lighthouse, the beautiful mountains in the background, and the sun conveniently sets behind the entire scene. HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!

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New on 500px : Into the Wave by baddoguy by baddoguy

Standing up on the cliff seeing this labyrinth, I felt vertigo and feared to fall below.

The Wave situates in Coyote Buttes North, Paria Canyon – Vermillion Cliffs Wildness. I took this pic on May 21, 2011 around 2 pm.

Yesterday before I came here, I had been one of the luckiest travellers who won the lottery for the permit to enter this wonderful place. There was 77 applicants who applied for the permits and I was one of ten people who got those.

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New on 500px : Your Mission If You Choose…2520 by mjhpdx by mjhpdx

to accept it is: to photograph the grand canyon at sunset and capture the majesty. Very challenging for me indeed.

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