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New on 500px : Grand Spring – Grand Teton National Park by WildernessAdventureImages by WildernessAdventureImages

I will forever return to my favorite park in the NPS system, something about these mountains that rise above sage brush plains that keep calling me back. This year my focus was timing the arrowleaf balsamroot bloom in the flats of the valley. I timed it ok… 😉 This year’s bloom didn’t disappoint, even if I didn’t get the spectacular pink sunrise I’d envisioned in my mind.

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New on 500px : Rusting In Beauty by BrandtM by BrandtM

So I finally found “The Car”. Last year I drove all over The Columbia Hills State Park looking for “The Car”, to no avail, I drove back and forth, up and down, hiked around without success. Then over the winter I decided to try to track down “The Car” on Google Earth. Well I found it, there is was sitting just yards from where I drove, parked and walked, mocking me from it’s hillside perch. This year I returned, and within minutes I found my prize, and it didn’t disappoint. Though “The Car” has been photographed by many more before me and smarter than me (they obviously had far less trouble finding it), it didn’t disappoint. How perfect, an abandoned rusting car sitting on a flower filled hillside overlooking the Columbia River valley. Michael Brandt Photography
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New on 500px : Flower Eruption by BrandtM by BrandtM

The flowers are phenomenal at the Columbia Hills State Park this year. A beautiful place to spend a couple of days basking in spring’s glory. Michael Brandt Photography
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