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New on 500px : [ … svartir sandar ] by D_P_Photography by D_P_Photography

Klifatindur, Austurland, Island, 17.11.13

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This picture shows the Klifatindur mountains, with the peaks Kambhorn (left), Vetrahorn (middle) and Brunnhorn (right), also known as “Batman mountain”.

I have wished to take pictures in this area for a long time, finally it was possible to realize a stay in this area on my November tour. This location is one of the most beautiful areas I have visited in Iceland so far, cliffy peaks, often framed by clouds, beautifully formed dunes and a long black beach besides total loneliness and silence. A perfect combination to left daily routine beyond and to enjoy nature.

Kamera/Camera: Canon Eos 5 D Mark III
Objektiv/Lens: Canon EF 17-40mm/ 4/ L USM
Filter: Lee Filters

I hope you enjoy it!

Das Bild zeigt einen Teil des Klifatindur Bergmassivs, mit den Bergspitzen Kambhorn (links), Vestrahorn (Mitte) sowie dem Brunnhorn (rechts), auch “Batman Mountain“.

Diese Location gehört für mich persönlich zu den schönsten die ich besuchen durfte, zerklüftete Bergspitzen, oft umrahmt von Wolkentürmen, wunderschön geformte Dünenlandschaften und ein langer schwarzer Sandstrand, dazu völlige Einsamkeit und Ruhe. Eine perfekte Kombination, um den Stress des Alltags weit hinter sich zu lassen und die Natur zu genießen.

Ich hoffe es gefällt Euch!

© D-P Photography

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New on 500px : Eyjafjallajokull 2010 Iceland by gunnargestur by gunnargestur

The 2010 eruption of Eyjafjallajökull
This one is taken early in the mornig April 17th 2010, i arrived there the day before and decided to stay over night in my car to get the beautiful volcanic sunrise, i had been awake for more than 24 hours when this was taken but it was well worth the wait, this is probably the most powerful experience of my life and being close to such a force is an unexplained feeling and i can´t wait to experience it again and hopefully it will be a short wait as mountain Hekla could blow off any time with a short notice. There is now more molten rock below Hekla than there was before it last erupted, in 2000 so it could by a powerful one

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New on 500px : Aghori Baba by S-NOCTURNUS by S-NOCTURNUS

One of the hardest to deal with Sadhus in the Pashupatinath Temple.Took his portrait in the Bagmati River bed in front of the Cremation site. My FaceBook
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