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New on 500px : Assiniboine Reflection by derek_dammann by derek_dammann

Assiniboine, the most stunning view in North America that I’ve yet encountered. All it took to get there was hiking 33km, getting lost, wading through flooded streams, camping on a rocky hillside, eating snow to survive, and losing a lot of blood. Can’t believe everyone’s not doing it!

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New on 500px : Contemplating Assiniboine by callumsnape by callumsnape

Its the refreshing pine smell lining the forest, the damp lichen clinging to the branches, the buzz of mosquitoes, the dry heat of the continental divide. All of this attracts me to this pinnacle moment after a 27km hike to the top of Nub Peak.
The aches, the blisters, the strap sores, they don’t matter. What matters is that I’m here in this moment, seeing this with my own eyes. Watching the last sun hit Mount Assiniboine shading the valley and signing off the day… it couldn’t be any more perfect.

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