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New on 500px : Sommaroy by kiredjian by kiredjian

Aurores boréales au-dessus des lumières du Pont qui permet de rejoindre l’île de Sommaroy.
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New on 500px : Celestial Delivery III by FelixInden by FelixInden

Best viewed on dark background 🙂 Follow me on Facebook to stay in touch 🙂 Circle me on G+ to stay in touch 🙂 This shot shows a mighty Aurora Borealis just before it started to melt and dance to cover the whole firmament in green. Often elusive, the queen of the night sky was omnipresent that evening and our big luck was the little clouds. The evenings after this event the lights were even stronger, but almost the whole Lofoten archipelago was very overcast. I have seen this phenomenon quite some times now, but it never stops amazing me! The season for us Aurorahunters is over now and i might have to do something to get some less winterish shots into my portfolio. For this i plan visiting the place where i was born, Galicia in Spain and after that maybe heading up north to Norway again to shoot my favourite places in a different mood and with a little autumn colours. Have a nice day everybody!
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New on 500px : Aurora night by Weera by Weera

Aurora glowed at suburb Reykjavik , we could not find any landmark there so our vehicle was a considerably proper subject to depict our adventure that night. The Aurora flowed rapidly as fast as smoke Lt.side so I had to push ISO at almost the upper limit, that’s normal measurement while taking active aurora.
via 500px http://ift.tt/1ffdbaX
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