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New on 500px : Winter Camping by larsleber by larsleber

A single 30-second exposure of my winter backpacking tent. It has a wood stove (packable made out of titanium) on the inside and you can see some embers flying out of the “chimney”. I set up near these old abandoned cabins after a fairly easy 4-mile hike. It was cold and started snowing but the stove kept me very warm inside.

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New on 500px : Camping at Sunset by MADImaging by MADImaging

I took this photo while on a backpacking trip in the High Sierras. The camp location was at Kennedy Lake

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New on 500px : Copper Top by alexnoriega by alexnoriega

10,497-foot Mount Jefferson bathes in golden sunset light, above shaded wildflower meadows. Thanks for the title, J-Swan!

I have a ton of new half-finished flower, forest, and coastal images sitting around from the past couple months; yet I find myself longing for my favorite subject: mountains. Thus, here’s an image from last year that I inexplicably overlooked.

While I’ve got your attention: perhaps you’re interested in joining Alex Mody and myself for an awesome four-day workshop at Olympic National Park this September? We will photograph rugged seascapes, autumn in the rainforest, waterfalls, and if weather permits, autumn alpine scenes up on Hurricane Ridge. You can find more information HERE.

As you may already know, I also teach my post-processing workflow and techniques in private online sessions. If you like the way my images look, and would like to up your PP game, you can find more info HERE.

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New on 500px : Machhapuchhre 6.993m by transcending-travel by transcending-travel

also known as “Fish Tail” mountain. One of the dominants in Annapurna Sanctuary. The sacred mountain, that has been prohibited from climbing for its holiness.
The last (and the only) attempt to climb this mountain was by a British expedition led by Jimmy Roberts in 1957. This attempt failed 50m below the summit.

Western Region, Nepal

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New on 500px : Milky Way over East Lake by DanBarr by DanBarr

Here is a photo from From a backpacking trip in the Hoover Wilderness last week. There was still plenty of ice on many of the lakes. This is a composite of three separate exposures for the milky way, mountains, and lake. The ice was lit with a sweep from my headlamp.

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New on 500px : Before the storm by samwithacam by samwithacam

Facing a storm right after we climbed the tea plantation at the cameron highlands in malaysia. It started raining 5 minutes after I took this picture.

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New on 500px : Glimmer by adrianklein by adrianklein

Offering 30% discount on all prints ordered through my website until 5/9/14. Enter in code AKPMD14 during the purchase. http://www.adrianklein.com Taken on a backpacking trip this summer with a friend of mine to the Green Lakes area of Three Sisters Wilderness in Oregon. We were fortunate to have some pretty fine camping and photography conditions the few days we spent here. The prior day had the best alpenglow yet we were at another spot that in the end I did not like as much as this. Fortunately with the clouds speeding through and the light glimmering for a short bit, made for a fine morning show. Thanks for stopping by and in advance for any comments and feedback.
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