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New on 500px : The Golden Light, Palouse by SeanYan by SeanYan

Best viewed on black (Press, “H” and then “M”).

What I learned this week: Don’t upload photos using the “ProPhoto” color space. It’s great for printing but destroys color integrity on numerous monitors and internet browsers. Always use “sRGB” color space for web sharing.

Thanks for looking!

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New on 500px : Milky Way pano by nightscape by nightscape

Milky Way panorama (5 images) over the John Moulton homestead (with stationary light sculpturing), Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Learn how to photograph Milky Way NightScapes. History: The John Moulton barn is one of two world famous barns (circa 1915) along “Mormon Row” in the Antelope Flats area, near Kelly, WY. The other barn is the Thomas A. Moulton barn, 1/4 mile south. For best results, click on image to view on BLACK.

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New on 500px : Country by ToddWall by ToddWall

Shoot this on a humid summer evening a few years back while on a visit with my Mom. I used a long lens to compress the sun.

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New on 500px : Starry Night Over A Barn by BrandtM by BrandtM

After seeing many spectacular shots of the Milky Way, I decided it was time to attempt one myself using a Palouse barn as the foreground canvas. The most rewarding part of the process was just being out there and experiencing the scope and grandeur of it all. It had been sometime since I took the time to pursue viewing the Milky Way in the summer sky. This is one of the great side benefits of our craft, it often forces you to slow down and get out there and experience the wonders of our universe.

This image is a blend of two, the fields and barn were taken a bit earlier in the evening to capture light and detail. It is best viewed on black.

Thanks for looking.

Michael Brandt Photography

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New on 500px : Barn VIII by AaronGroen by AaronGroen

“Barn VIII” Milky Way stars shine bright over this barn near Canova, South Dakota. This is a SINGLE exposure shot, the light on the grass and barn are actually from my cell phone for a few seconds during the exposure. This area is far far away from big city lights and perfect for astrophotography. This night also had plenty of green airglow as well. I was posting screen shots as I was shooting this, if you are interested in this kind of thing follow me on facebook
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New on 500px : First sun in Mormon Row by nicolafrassineti by nicolafrassineti

Probably the most famous barn in the world.. Thomas Moulton Barn, in Grand Teton National Park, shot in early morning (few minutes after the sunrise), when first rays of sun hits the front of the building..

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