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New on 500px : Un buco di luce sul Belvedere….Val d’Orcia, Toscana by ClaudioMarchi by ClaudioMarchi

Mattino presto e molto nuvoloso….ad un tratto ecco che si forma questo buco di luce…..il Belvedere prende una sua vita….

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New on 500px : Countryside sunrise by LoreMattei by LoreMattei

Val d’Orcia is a wonderful slice of Italian countryside in Tuscany. I really enjoy the feeling of silence and peace that you can experience in such areas in the early morning, just before the sunrise.
While the first rays of light open a new day, you can ear the awakening of the natural world .

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New on 500px : Podere Belvedere, San Quirico d’Orcia by edwinkremer by edwinkremer

An iconic farmhouse that perfectly represents the Tuscan idyll, situated in the Val d’Orcia, just outside San Quirico d’Orcia, one of the most beautiful and charming medieval towns of the Val d’Orcia, located to the south of Siena.

Visiting this place was like a dream come true. Sure, it is the most photographed house in Italy, but frankly, I couldn’t care less. This morning’s light show presented by Mother Earth was simply mind blowing and a great relief after the steady rain of the evening before. I used a Lee ND0.9 Hard Grad filter to correct the exposure for the sky and the hills in the far distance.

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New on 500px : Tramonto sulle rive del lago by DanieleDainelli by DanieleDainelli

un tramonto suggestivo sul lago, in compagnia di una leggera brezza di fine estate / a suggestive sunset at the lake, with an end- summer light breeze.
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