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New on 500px : Gold in Hawaii? by tomkualii by tomkualii

Low Tide at Pohoiki Beach. Sunrise reflection on tide pools of gold seaweed. Aloha

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New on 500px : Fire in the Sky by bruceomori by bruceomori

Two branches of lava enter the sea at Kalapana as clouds reflect the sun’s early morning glow. Viewing this on black helps as the image is a little dark. Mahalo!

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New on 500px : Getting Closer to Pele, The Fire Goddess. by tomkualii by tomkualii

We would be hiking out from shooting the lava fields about this time back in the days. Pele, The Fire Goddess is still at calm. Getting this close can send your heart pumping hard and especially when you don’t know whats going on beneath you. The heat is so intense that I could only take one or two shots after composing. Forgot my ND and so needed to up my aperture. Shooting with my 17-40. Aloha

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New on 500px : LateNiteLavaOP by dodsonmd by dodsonmd

Late evening shot of lava flow into the sea on Hawaii’s big island.

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