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New on 500px : St Mary’s in the morning by yahiyat by yahiyat

Long Exposure (more than 16 mins) at St Mary’s, Whitley Bay, England. It was painful to remove all the hotpixels — next time I should go for Noise Reduction on my D600 even if it takes 1/2 hour as long as result is satisfying.

Tripod, Lee 0.6 ND Grad, B+W Bigstopper

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New on 500px : Kirkjufjell by OleHenrikSkjelstad by OleHenrikSkjelstad

I honestly didn’t believe I could fall in love with a mountain. Kirkjufjell is more than a mountain….it is a legend. It might only be my imagination but it felt as the mountain loved me back. When we arrived there the harsh wind and the heavy rain suddenly ceased as if the mountain wanted to look its best for some Norwegian amateur photographers.

That halo around the mountain was in-camera. Have done everything I can to diminish it. Burned, blurred and masked.

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New on 500px : My Favorite Tree by OleHenrikSkjelstad by OleHenrikSkjelstad

I promise to take a break after this one……I edited it just now and it came out so beautifully. I really really don’t want to overload people with my images. Feel totally free to not comment and not vote. That’s okay.

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New on 500px : Almost Midnight by OleHenrikSkjelstad by OleHenrikSkjelstad

When I believed the sunset was over, it began. When I left around midnight the sky was still full of colors. One of the most amazing evenings ever. A blend of two exposures to ensure some shadow detail.

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New on 500px : The Final One by OleHenrikSkjelstad by OleHenrikSkjelstad

The third and final LE from that evening when the sky exploded over my head. This was actually the first LE I shot. It was rather underexposed so my exposure for the shadows came in handy in this case. Pretty much processed like the second one, save that this one is given an Orton texture.

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