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New on 500px : Another View by mirosu by mirosu

Photo from the same Black Forest chapel which I have posted few days ago, this time slightly different POV and format.
I used Nikkor 24-85mm lens (not the spectacular Fisheye lens).
Would be interesting to know which one do you prefer.
Thank you.

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New on 500px : Black Forest Chapel by mirosu by mirosu

Enough Airplanes, trains and beer…….., let’s start with serious business, photos from Black Forest.
From the 10th century, the foundation of monasteries was the nucleus of many settlements in the Black Forest. From this time many small chapels have been built in the whole region to allow travelers and wanderers to rest and pray. Some of them even older than the parish church in the same area.
The chapel on the photo is one of many chapels located in Black Forest region. The chapel is located near Noegenschwil on the way from St. Blasien to Waldshut at 735m a.s.l. at a beautiful spot with vast views across the south Black Forrest and the Swiss Alps.

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New on 500px : Rothaus Brewery by mirosu by mirosu

I’ve arrived in southern Black Forest tired and thirsty. I was thinking, “Miro how you can start hiking in this large forest without having a healthy beer?”. Do you know which is the best beer in southern Black Forest? IMO it is the Rothaus beer. The weather was perfect, sunshine, blue sky and warm; the best condition to relax with the glass of good, cold beer. So I’m not starting this series with the Black Forest natural beauty but with the photo of old, famous Rothaus Brewery. The brewery was founded in 1791 by the Abbot of St. Blasien (small town nearby) as a measure to encourage economic growth in the Black Forest. It is located 1000m above sea level in Rothaus, around 3 km north of the village of Grafenhausen in the southern Black Forest. It is one of Germany’s most successful and profitable regional breweries. At 1,000 metre it is the highest located brewery in Germany as well as the most modern. The brewery offers daily tours of the brewery costing about 20 EUR per person which includes food, a platter of traditional Black Forest hams, sausages and cheeses and Rothaus beer. The tour starts with a film about the Rothaus Brewery. Even though the film is in German there is plenty of beautiful Black Forest scenery to admire. You are then taken through the modern hi-tech brewery and each process is explained (in German). When the tour is over you go to the Rothaus Guesthouse on the brewery site where you a served your food and beer. There is also a shop where you can buy plenty of Rothaus souvenirs including beer steins and tee shirts as well as beer. Place that you should see if you are planning to visit this area.
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