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New on 500px : carpe diem by Timo_Tomkel by Timo_Tomkel

Sometime life will come to an end, so seize the day 🙂
This is a single shot long-exposure (10 stop)

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New on 500px : Source of hope by flavioparreiras by flavioparreiras

waterfall in Itambém do Mato Dentro – Minas Gerais – Brasil. Thank you all for the comments and votes. Hug!! Good sunday friends.

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New on 500px : Fantasia Movie by aTheo by aTheo

Great contrast in the vine field, like a silent conversation between the white flowers to the black trees above.

Reminds me scenes from Disney’s Fantasia Movie.

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New on 500px : Road Into The Mountain, Iceland by genphotos by genphotos

We all have been there. When it seems that on the road we´ve taken we´ll hit the mountain.
But don´t be afraid, eventually it goes around or if enough courage is taken and shown, then through the mountain.

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New on 500px : Rainy train – Paris Gare du Nord by benoit_dupont by benoit_dupont

it was raining last saturday when I came back from Paris after a really bad day… this concludes my travel day quite well

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New on 500px : Since 1774 by flavioparreiras by flavioparreiras

Shrine of Caraça – Minas Gerais – Brazil. Thank you all for the comments and votes. Good Sunday!

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New on 500px : Pureness by diyben by diyben

This photo was taken during a recent family short getaway to Turi Beach Resort Batam of Indonesia. Just a 35mins ferry from Singapore. Its a beautiful and relaxing place with good sun but unfortunately many mosquito attacks too :))

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