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New on 500px : solar array (san diego sea figs II) by maxvuong by maxvuong

http://ift.tt/1gDCBzp Here’s a story. So I noticed these plants a couple days earlier but the sunset was not that great. Few days later there is a promising sunset and I’m racing to this spot. As I pass a family of four sitting on a bench I hear an “Excuse me, can you take our picture?” I’m thinking to myself, seriously? I have all my gear jamming to a spot and out of all the people walking about they decide to ask the one guy that is most frantically trying to be somewhere. I surprised myself when I replied, “Sorry I cant! Gotta go over there!” For some reason I crack up with how one of them replied. “Wow, really?” There was so much defeat in those two words. To the family of four whom I hastily shut down. I hope you got your family photo and I hope you understand why I had rejected you so hard. Hope this picture serves as a consolation. I guess this is becoming an annual tradition. When you got no other flowers but iceplant ones, might as well make the most of it. I was very impressed the Samyang was able to focus so closely here. About 3-4 inches away (from the glass). I had to do some tripod acrobatics to get so low. If you’ve seen iceplant you know they dont grow very high so I was basically shooting ground level. I’m sure I looked a bit ridiculous but it was worth it in the end.
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New on 500px : Rosebay with Pagoda(Nara) by bwstwork by bwstwork

I visited Murouji(室生寺) again last Sunday. The pink and white rosebays were in full bloom. The snowy Murouji was very nice, but the spring scenery has an another attraction. I love this temple! Processing with PhotoshopCS3(Curves) Reference article: Snowy Pagoda(Nara)
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New on 500px : Pear Blossoms by dansherman by dansherman

Probably one of the most photographed scenes in Oregon, which was proven for me on this morning. Checking this spot out the previous night, showing up late after all the light had gone, we found several other photographers huddled together shooting the ‘best’ view. So, Jeff Barnhart and another friend of mine tagging along (who proved quite useful for my previous shot at Rowena) decided to show up a half hour before sunrise to claim our territory in this orchard, and we found two other photographers already set up! It took some time for Jeff and I to find ‘the second best view’ and we pretty much didn’t move from our spots. It didn’t take long before several other tripods and their photographers began setting up nearby. Jeff attracted a couple photogs that didn’t seem at all embarressed by comp-stomping his scene. Clearly, it seemed that we were all trespassing on this farmer’s land, but, as our tagalong pointed out, if they didn’t want us there they could have easily turned on all the sprinklers and got rid of us pretty quickly. Anyway, I am very happy with the shots I got and the nice alpenglow on the mountain. Next time, I guess will just have to sleep in my spot overnight…
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