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New on 500px : Breath Of Fresh Air by parisa049 by parisa049

Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

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New on 500px : The Boathouse by NealPritchardPhotography by NealPritchardPhotography

Where I live we have a boathouse of sorts that lies on the Swan RIver. To say this is the most photographed location in Perth would be an under-standment, there are tens or thousands of images of this place.

I really wanted to reflect the lone boathouse on the river and not dramatic skies or dark and moody grunge look. I see the boathouse as simply the last boathouse on the river and I wanted to reflect the lonelyness and peacefulness of the boathouse

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New on 500px : Boathouse II by bluwhale by bluwhale

Found another version of this on my hard drive

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New on 500px : Jølster boathouse by toreeideh by toreeideh

Another photo from Jølster in Sogn og Fjordane,Norway

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New on 500px : Darkness Descends by mamraznagi by mamraznagi

In case you are wondering….this is the only thing around here that isn’t sparkly and new that i actually like photographing.

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