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New on 500px : *The BoonDocks* by anthonyjayfields by anthonyjayfields

I Will Always keep You My Beautiful lil 18mm 4 U Are The Start Of It All 4 Me And Even Tho Some Pro’s Might Point And Laugh At You, I Know How Truly Good You Can Be, So Clean So Sharp, 18mm You Are My Special lil Gem That I Well Always Hold Dear To Me Just Look, Look What You Can Do ^^^^ I Hope Y’all Enjoy This

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All Photo’s You See Here Are Mine
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New on 500px : Lower Manhattan Reflection by SimonRegini by SimonRegini

This was shot from the Brooklyn Bridge Park about two weeks ago. The light was great and it wasn’t hard to get a beautiful shot.

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New on 500px : BrooklynNights by anthonyajf by anthonyajf

This Is From A week Or So A go When I Went To Brooklyn And Took A Few Shots From The Brooklyn Side Most Of the Photos I Took Were A Waste Of Time Because For Some Odd Reason I was Shooting On ISO 1600 The whole day And The Noise In The Pictures Made Them Un Useable What A Shame Because Thats The day I Went To A Few Places, I Started Off Going To Central Park 1rst Then Went To Chelsea Pier Then Start Over To Brooklyn, When I Took the train On My way Over I wanted To See Some Of My Images That I Had Took From Earlier That Day And That’s When i Noticed, I Was On ISO 1600 SMH Needless To Say I Wanted To kick Myself and Just Go Home But I was Like Might As Well finish What I Had set Out To Do, So I Set My ISO Back to 100 And Grab A Few Shots I Could Use So At Least The Whole Day Was Not A Waste, Lesson Learned Always Check My settings Before Shooting Well I Hope You Like This One Thank You For UR V/F Comments And Shares…. On that Note Good Night 500fam
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New on 500px : “BROOKLYN”BRIDGE” by anthonyajf by anthonyajf

Went out Yesterday And Went Back to reshoot The Brooklyn bridge with My Wide Angle Lens And This Is The Result This Is Only One Photo Not A Pano, And I don’t Photo Shop Or Do composite’s Something I See On Here A lot But Hey To Each his Or Her Own I Just Take Pride In Showing Off My Own True Work I Only Use Light room 5 And Don’t Get Me Wrong i’m Not knocking People who Do composite’s I Just Find It to be Misleading But If it’s Ur Own Image’s Ur using Then Bravo.. But I seen People Use Image’s From Google… But this is My Image Of The Brooklyn Bridge hope U Enjoy Thanks 4 UR V/F Comment’s & Shares
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New on 500px : MANHATTANBRIDGE by anthonyajf by anthonyajf

As I Normally Do, Out On An Adventure Looking For Great Thing’s To Photograph I Roamed Into The Manhattan Bridge And Right Next To It Is The Brooklyn Bridge Witch I Also Took Photos Of, And Both At The Same Time I Must Say That My Trip To South Ferry Was Well Worth It, Even Tho it Was Some Light Rain Here And Their I Really Did Not Mind I Went Home With A Lot Of Great Images.. Even Tho I Am A Novice At Photography i Really do Appreciate The Feeling I Get After Comparing My Photos From When I First Stated And Even More So All The V/F And Comments You Guys Leave Thank You All So Much Well Im Off And Have A Glorious Sunday
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New on 500px : Skyline Sunset by xabi_barreneche by xabi_barreneche

Sunset in front of the skyline ! I went to New york few days ago and it was one of my best trip ! Great people, great city ! Go there, it’s just mad !
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