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New on 500px : In Reach by BrandtM by BrandtM

Finally, I received the new Tamron 150-600 lens for Nikon that was on preorder since early February, which now makes this previously elusive composition “in reach”.

Thank you for looking.

Michael Brandt Photography

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New on 500px : Sunset at Grand View Point by christianrogers99 by christianrogers99

I traveled to Canyonlands to shoot False Kiva under the Milky Way but it turned out to be too cloudy. I guess Mother Nature had better plans that day. This shot was taken at Grand View Point on the Island in the Sky district of Canyonlands.

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New on 500px : Fairyland by ChenSu by ChenSu

I have always been expecting some light in palouse like this for a long time. Fortunately, I got it during my short visit to this place. The sunset at steptoe butte state park is always so surreal.

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New on 500px : Pendulum Apex by BrandtM by BrandtM

This was taken one day after the Summer Solstice thus the sunset is essentially at it’s northern apex on the solstice pendulum. As one can see in the photo this particular shot with the sunset and corresponding late light has a short window for this northern position on the butte. In no time at all the sun will be setting behind the hill to the left blocking the low late light effect on the field. On this particular evening conditions were great to capture this somewhat rare, for this location anyway, horizon low late light.

Thank you for looking.

Michael Brandt Photography

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New on 500px : Tree Tweak by BrandtM by BrandtM

A nice benefit of living 45 minutes from the entrance to Steptoe Butte is that I can run down there and try to better some previous cliche shot, so at least I can keep trying to best my previous Steptoe cliche shot. It’s kind of a game almost, and a fun one at that. This is the classic lone cottonwood tree shot, I had one from last year that was average at best, this is better, and someday I am going to best this one.

Michael Brandt Photography

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New on 500px : Steptoe Butte by loweedmundphotog by loweedmundphotog

Steptoe Butte in eastern Washington state is a landscape photographers paradise. A 360 degree view allows for an unlimited choice of subjects even though the place was lousy with shutterbugs.

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New on 500px : Palouse by PDidsayabutra by PDidsayabutra

Taken from Steptoe Butte overseeing the rolling hills of Palouse. This is probably the most popular spot in Palouse for photographers.

Best view with black background (press “H”)

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New on 500px : Wide Glow by BrandtM by BrandtM

Typically I don’t like to post two photos in a row from the same setting, however, after working up the first shot from this location, I processed this wider view that takes in the sky and sun, which were missing from the first. I think this comp. captures the “Glow” experience that evening better than the first. I also broke down and purchased a Spyder4Pro monitor color calibrator, so this should technically be a more accurate edit, I hope anyway.
Thank you for looking.
Michael Brandt Photography

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New on 500px : Sunset Glow by BrandtM by BrandtM

Last light creating a great back light glow on grasses and wildflowers on Steptoe Butte.

Michael Brandt Photography

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