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New on 500px : FROZEN DESTINATION by EdwinMartinez by EdwinMartinez

FROZEN DESTINATION | Vermillion Lake, Banff National Park | March 2014

A path of peril, as waters below this dark pathway is melted ice and water free flowing. A simple mistake can crack the ice we are standing. This is the surreal scene of Vermillion lake in Banff National park last March 2014.

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New on 500px : Starry Night at Mt Assiniboine by yanzhang by yanzhang

This image was taken on 21 September 2012, in Mount Assiniboine, Canadian Rockies. A dramatic sky appeared over Mount Assiniboine: after sunset, the rising moon was hidden behind Mount Sunburst while its light was burst from the peak, and moving clouds crossed the starry sky and formed such magic patterns.

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New on 500px : Moraine Dream by JustinSinclair by JustinSinclair

Night sky at Moraine Lake Banff Alberta. I like this feel and look of vortex star trails. I adjusted this photo in Lightroom and Photoshop and used levels and curves to make the stars brighter. As in the original image you can’t really see them. Other adjustments like mid tones and dodge and burn can be seen in this photo.

This location is great for time-lapse makers and night sky lovers. So I recommend going to this place on a clear night! Thanks for viewing and don’t forget to give a like because it really helps me grow and keeps me motivated to post more of my work.

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New on 500px : Highlighting Dynamism by EdwinMartinez by EdwinMartinez

Highlighting Dynamism

What makes a landscape photo dynamic? In today’s visually laden media, you will find so many photos uploaded but there will be a few that catches your attention. Photos that “engages” you, or makes you look longer than usual. There are many visual cues that make these photos stand out. In my opinion these photos usually contains the following;

*Light and Color. The possession of inviting colors makes the viewer more attractive to it. Studies have been proven that colors play a part in a photo’s success in the social media and photo sites. Warm and vivid colors in my experience are almost magnets to more views and hits.

*Engaging Design. The use of lines and elements that employs a visual path. That makes the viewer see the entire image from point A to point B. Diagonal lines and curves are dynamic lines that provides displacement or movement.

*Elements of Motion or absence of it. The appearance an element moving or the absence of the movement creates intrigue to the viewer. It defies the common logic and makes the viewer look longer. You have to make sure that these elements are used together with an effective visual design.

These are the basic foundation that I believe makes the photo dynamic. There is no magic or mystery involved. No complicated mathematical configurations or degrees. Often most, being out there and practicing makes your chances of capturing dynamic landscapes better.

Photo was taken in Canmore, Alberta

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New on 500px : Lake Louise by aaronhuang1 by aaronhuang1

Near perfect reflection of the Canadian Rockies icon, Lake Louise. Although not as spectucular as Moraine lake, it was still a grand sight to behold as the rising sun paints the mountains a beautiful golden glow.

Thanks for looking!

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New on 500px : The Divine Lights by FrannzMorzo by FrannzMorzo

Canmore Albera | 2014

Another amazing perfective shot of Canadian rockies during our trip in Alberta.
This mountain is part of the three peaks they called it the three sisters? namely; Ship’s Prow, Ehegay Nakoda and Haling Peak . Truly a paradise to shoot landscape photography.

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