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New on 500px : El Confital by kaosjsi by kaosjsi

Playa al norte de Las Palmas (Gran Canaria)

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New on 500px : _El Molino de El Cotillo_ by RenaSap by RenaSap

My first acceptable shot of arriving in El Cotillo one week ago 🙂

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New on 500px : Victoria by Carlosmacr by Carlosmacr

Dedicated to my good friend Nacho and his little daughter Victoria.

I made this image few years ago, when i received my first filter (Lee soft 0.9, now broken :-)). As the filter i got was not suitable enough to take all drama from the sky, i used it inverted, with the consecuent marks in the horizon. Not only the normal marks for not being any transition (the filter only covered the up part of the image), but also the marks “LEE 0.9” :-)) Today i tried to fix that image using photoshop to repair it a little bit.


Dedicada a mi buen amigo Nacho y a su recién llegada hija Victoria.

Tomé esta imagen hace ya 3 años, cuando compré mi primer filtro (un degradado suave Lee de 3 pasos). Como ese filtro no me servía para para oscurecer el cielo como yo quería lo utilicé al revés (calando el filtro sólo hasta la mitad) con las consecuentes marcas que eso dejó en el horizonte, así como en una de las esquinas. Utilicé photoshop para intentar arreglarlo un poco.

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New on 500px : Wild Cofete by efossati by efossati

A view of the final part of Cofete, a very remote and wild beach in southern part of Fuerteventura. A thick shroud of clouds had covered the island for a long time, then finally a weak warm light has embraced this wild wonder.
I reccomend black background for best view!

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