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New on 500px : Colorado National Monument by j_omohundro by j_omohundro

This is a photo I took way back in 2010, but I’ve never been very happy with my post-processing. I feel like maybe I’m getting somewhere now, though. I watched a tutorial on YouTube by Steve Arnold on how to blend multiple exposures…I’m finally starting to capture the feeling I had when I photographed this scene.

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New on 500px : Blue in Between by JassiOberai by JassiOberai

Blue in Between
Tso Moriri Ladakh

This was taken on my last year’s trip to Ladakh. I had seen many images of this majestic lake and wanted to shoot it differently. This lake is mesmerising because of the extreme shades of nature with barren mountains on one side and lush green wetland on the other with pristine blue lake separating the two. The moment I saw this, I knew I had to create a frame. I just did my recce for the right spot and clicked it the moment I found one. Love the frame personally because it has varying shades of nature.

Tsomoriri is a lake in the Changthang (literally: northern plains) area in Jammu and Kashmir. The lake is at an altitude of 4,595 m (15,075 ft). It is the largest of the high altitude lakes in the Trans-Himalayan biogeographic region, entirely within India. The lake sits between Ladakh, India to the North, Tibet to the east, and Zanskar in the west.

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